Best Social Media Spy Tools To Try in 2021 + AdSpy Free Trial

To run a successful business on social media, you need to know the environment and adjust to it wisely. Finding what works for your niche, what doesn’t, and finally, what could be done better helps you grow your business. But instead of learning from your own mistakes, there’s a lot you can take out from your competitors’ experience to give yourself the upper hand. To make spying fun and prevent it from getting too overwhelming, let’s look at some great tools like AdSpy that can simplify the process, and provide more comprehensive, actionable insights. Get started with AdSpy free trial today! Claim $150 AdSpy Coupon Code and grab the free credits. Apply code MEGADSPY.

Top Social Media Ad Spy Tools 2021 + AdSpy Free Trial

Monitoring of social media ads helps you track key social metrics of your competitors like brand awareness and social share of voice. You can also use this information to test messaging and measure ROI. Once you start collecting this valuable data, you can use it to look for trends and insights. The following are the best social media ad spy tools that you should try in 2021.

  • AdSpy
  • SocialPeta
  • PowerAdSpy

AdSpy + AdSpy Free Trial

AdSpy + AdSpy free trial

AdSpy should be your go-to ad intelligence solution if you specialize in running Facebook and Instagram ads. The tool specializes in locating cloaked ads on Facebook and Instagram, so you get a granular review of the less-known advertisements. It has the largest ad database consisting of over 94 million ads providing access to more than 15 million advertisers worldwide. It’s a very affiliate-friendly tool, so make sure you check it out! Redeem $75 AdSpy Coupon & make use of AdSpy free credits to know what the tool actually offers. Apply code AFF75 now.

AdSpy boasts the most powerful features like

  • Advanced Basic Search
  • Accurate Demographics
  • Search Through Comments
  • Calling affiliates
  • Massive data

AdSpy costs $149 per month. Upon sign up, you get AdSpy free credits. But be careful in using it. As you scroll and search for more ads, they could lessen eventually. The tool also offers AdSpy free trial with which you can gain more info on your competitors’ Facebook ads. To get AdSpy at reduced price along with free trial, claim our limited time AdSpy Coupon Code, AFFSAVE.



SocialPeta has a huge database of ads, currently at over 200M+ creatives across many different industries including Gaming Apps, Non-Gaming Apps, Web (eCommerce & Brands), countries, and ad networks. There are also over 100,000 playable ads that help you find trending creatives in seconds. You’ll find some impressive ad intelligence stats, including downloads and revenues for up to 60 days along with regional data for countries.

With this tool, you will be able to access more than 5 million global advertisers’ data, material, text, network, and other multi-dimensional analysis grasp market dynamics. You can also follow popular advertising strategies to drive business growth and maximize revenue. Above all, Cost Intelligence will tell you the ad cost benchmark on Facebook. The cost of SocialPeta starts from $59 per month.


Top Adspy tools + Adspy free trial -PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy is a prominent social media ad spy tool that helps you to study and spy on your competitors’ social ads. It gives you a detailed breakdown of each creative, along with landing page URL, date last seen, social engagement, and targeting options. This tool is not only powerful for Facebook Ads but it also gives you the possibility to spy on:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Display
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Native Ads

It’s a great resource for any marketer who wants to look beyond the creative and ad copy. You can search ads by keyword, domain, and the advertiser and sort by the newest ad, longest-running ad, and social engagements stats, as well as targeting option and landing page properties, and much more. It offers various pricing plans ranging from $49 – $349 per month for different social platforms.

Final Words

Though there are several social media ad spy tools, AdSpy stands out of everything due to its affordable pricing and promising features. Try it out today by making use of our AdSpy Working Code. Apply code ADSPY75. For sure you will excel in the Facebook advertising industry.